What's Happening at the Riverfront Walk? Extension Work Began Jan. 21

Constructing additional walking space at Riverfront Park in downtown began on Jan. 21. A portion of the river walk from the Themis Street flood gate to the south has been closed while work is completed. Work is expected to last about four months, both weather and high river levels permitting. No pedestrian or bicycle access will be allowed in the construction zone.
The work is being completed as phase four of the Riverwalk Project, adding on about 1,300 feet to the existing river walk. The trail will be extended south towards the River Campus, and will end in a pedestrian cul-de-sac on the river side of the levee.
The plan is to also extend the trail to the north with a pedestrian bridge over Sloan Creek in the future.
Possible other future plans include a structure for pedestrians to cross from the river side of the levee up to the River Campus. Extending the trail front along the river increases the amount of walkable and bikable space in Cape Girardeau.
Red-Carpets-and-CatfishTo-date, there are no firm plans to roll out red carpet and erect a giant catfish as pictured at left from the 2009 Downtown Strategic Plan but the image serves as an example of what a thiving downtown riverfront park could be like one day.