Reduced Solid Waste Fees Started Feb. 1

We have a new Transfer Station in the works. We hope to have it operating in 2016. To pay for it, we’ve contracted with a new waste hauler which will produce more income at our facility and they will also lease some space. So we’re excited to resolve one of our major facility needs without raising rates. In fact, rates are getting a little bit cheaper.

At their January meetings, the Cape Girardeau City Council voted unanimously to pass along a savings in solid waste straight to the customers. Basically, you won’t see a fuel surcharge on your bills for a while. But, when fuel prices increase, the total fuel surcharge will now be a smaller amount than in the past and charged less frequently.

Here’s how this works:

Your water, sewer, and trash bill currently looks like this. You have likely noticed the FUEL SURCHARGE line item (in yellow below).


Your regular fuel surcharge charge will be zero.

In the past, you would typically pay about 50 cents per month. As of Feb. 1, there will be no regular monthly charge, therefore reducing your bill.

The fuel surcharge will increase less frequently.

Also in the past, the fuel surcharge had increased when the price for fueling trash vehicles exceeded the $2.75 per gallon “ceiling”. Now, the fuel expense has to exceed $3.75 per gallon before a fuel surcharge is applied to your bill.

SIDEBAR:  Have you seen fuel prices recently?

Therefore, you’ll be charged less for trash and recycling pick up than before.

Once the fuel price hit the ceiling (explained above), your fuel surcharge on your bill would increase by 44 percent of the increase in fuel prices. After Feb. 1, you’ll only be charged 25 percent of the increase in fuel prices if the fuel price reaches $3.75 per gallon.

For more on the surcharge change, you can read it in even more detail in the official Council documents at or call us at 573-339-6322.

Why the change?

The City will replace the existing Transfer Station using savings and income through a new waste hauling and lease agreement with Republic. This success was the topic of a recent Southeast Missourian editorial.

More About the Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is where the trash goes after we pick it up from your residence. Individuals and private trash haulers also use the facility to drop-off trash in loads big and small. Find more about it online at The Transfer Station has been among our top facility needs in recent years. It was recently featured in the Southeast Missourian since we have a new arrangement to upgrade it.

We’re securing permits from state agencies now. We hope to begin construction this summer and open the new facility in 2016.