Read to Succeed Program Offered Through Community Partnership

United Way of Southeast Missouri and Southeast Missouri State University are proud to announce a partnership to provide tutors for Read to Succeed, a reading acceleration program coordinated by the United Way.

Read to Succeed provides volunteer tutors who work with children in kindergarten and first grade in the Cape Girardeau Schools to improve their reading skills and increase their academic success in the classroom.

Education students at Southeast Missouri State University will be matched as tutors with students participating in the Read to Succeed program. Prior to any teaching field placement, students at Southeast Missouri State University have an initial field placement that focuses on observing the veteran teachers in their practice and tutoring of the K-12 students. In this model, the university students are assisting the school districts with the tutoring and the school districts are assisting the university students by allowing them some time to truly study the art of teaching. The university students will provide a total of 15 hours of tutoring with students each semester.

Read to Succeed results continue to show solid evidence of reading level advancement by 98%-99% of students involved in the program. Over 200 children are served each school year. For more information about Read to Succeed, please contact Charla Myers at 334-9634 or

Read to Succeed is supported through funding from the Cape Girardeau Public Schools, United Way’s GRACES Women’s Council, Zonta, and Cape West Rotary.

Information taken from a United Way of Southeast Missouri press release.