Memorial Letter for First Lady of Cape Girardeau Fran Rediger

fran-redigerIt is really hard to tell where our Mayor Harry Rediger and his most precious bride, Fran, began and ended. They were really one and they were each made better by the other.

We cannot imagine exactly how the Mayor will continue forward without this inseparable part of him, but we are confident in his abilities, a confidence that was shared by Fran. The model of his marriage is how he leads. He leads by giving of himself in ways that allow others to be better, and for them, in turn, to help him to be better as a result of the relationship.

We can never fill the empty places in our hearts left by Fran, but for Harry and his family, and for the city she loved, we need to try to smile a little brighter, give a little more to those in need, support those who lead noble causes, laugh a little more often, and volunteer when no one is watching.

Those are some of the many things Fran did, not that she expected anyone else to do them, or for any credit of her own, just because they needed to be done, and it was right for her to do them. We’ll never forget when she tripped during a benefit walk and injured her mouth and front teeth. She said she was going to have to give up smiling. Well, that was impossible for her. She just kept right on going, volunteering and standing beside her knight the honorable mayor of Cape!

The last time we saw her was at the Chamber Dinner on Friday. She had been through surgery on Monday and had spent part of her day on Thursday at her church volunteering by making meals to give to people who were sick or recovering. When told she should have been receiving the food, not making it, Fran laughed as if it were the funniest thing she had heard. She just didn’t see herself in need, only in service.

Mayor …… your council, your city staff and all our partners are here for you to support, encourage and cry with you …..and when you’re ready, to get back to work building an even better Cape. We think that’s the way Fran would want it.

Oh, how we will miss our precious First Lady of Cape, Fran Rediger.

Scott A. Meyer
City Manager

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