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We answer questions online and off. We’re normally speedy and stay in your preferred channel whether it’s Facebook or a fax. But when @MikeWoelk on Twitter asked these questions below, we just couldn’t manage a response in 140 characters! So here’s the Q&A. Thank you, Mike, for the questions and the opportunity to talk trash!

Trash Recycling pickupA little background first: The Transfer Station is where the trash goes after we pick it up from your residence. Individuals and private trash haulers also use the facility to drop-off trash in loads big and small. Find more about it online at The Transfer Station has been among our top facility needs in recent years. It was recently featured in the Southeast Missourian since we have a new arrangement to upgrade it.


(Questions submitted online via Twitter)

1. Were other haulers given a shot at this lucrative deal?

Of course! A Request for Proposals was published in August, we received four responses and each were duly evaluated. Republic was the one that met all of our needs.

2. Will this contract giving Republic management of the new station be open to renegotiation every fixed number of years?

The City will own and operate (manage) the new transfer station, not Republic. The 20-year contract with Republic allows them to lease office space in the new facility which will help offset design-build costs. The contract also sets the rates for them to haul trash away from Cape. Should unforeseen circumstances make the City or Republic unable to hold up their end of the deal, we can renegotiate.

3. Why in the world was Republic allowed to design the facility? They won’t own it. I can see their being a key partner in design, but being the designer themselves? We are paying for the construction!

Cambridge Companies, Inc. will design the facility under the authority of the City with input from the very knowledgeable professionals at Republic. The City will design a facility that will meet our needs now and accommodate the future, even if and when Republic is gone.

4. Will the City be able to set or at least approve the rates Cape citizens pay to use the station for dumping?

Of course! These rates are set annually in the budget which is subject to review and approval by the City Council and public. We aim to keep rates reasonable.

5. Just how much oversight does the city have?

100% The City will apply for State permits and make sure everything is done in the best interest of the residents under state guidelines.


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  1. Thank you so much. Very helpful. I misread the article on Question 2. Republic will only do their hauling, be contractually bound to use the city transfer station, and rent office space. They will not operate the transfer station. Why did they get to choose Cambridge Cos., to design-build, as the article states?

    • Republic got to choose Cambridge as the design-build partner because Republic, like the other companies that responded to our RFP, were charged with proposing the best option to fit the city’s needs including which design and construction companies to use.

      So this is how the process worked: The City issued a Request for Proposals, four companies submitted proposals, the City chose Republic’s proposal as best meeting the City’s needs, Republic’s proposal included a design/build proposal by Cambridge. So by accepting Republic’s proposal the City also chose Cambridge to do the design/build for the new facility.

      And sorry we didn’t get back to you right away, we overlooked your follow-up question. We’ll stay tuned for more from you or you can call us at 573-339-6351.

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