Cape Girardeau City Council Meeting Summary – Dec. 1, 2014

Cape Girardeau City Council summary from the Dec. 1, 2014 meeting. The next meeting will be Dec. 15, 2014.

  • Official minutes will be posted at when available.
  • Meeting video available on USTREAM (ads appearing on this free service do not necessarily reflect the views of the City of Cape Girardeau).Mayor-Recognizes-Board-Members
  • Mayor Harry Rediger recognized board members for 15 years of service: Jerry Ford, Certificate of Service, 1999 – 2014 to the River Campus Board of Managers (left); and Luke Landgraf, Certificate of Service, 1999 – 2014 to the Show Me Board of Managers (right).
  • Bill No. 14-184 (#11 below) will make the City Code relating to unlawful use or possession of weapons consistent with the State of Missouri.
  • Bill No. 14-188 (#7 below) provides for the installation of battery backup systems to several locations’ traffic signals, helping prevent vehicle accidents in the event of a power outage: William Street and West End Boulevard, William Street and Sprigg Street, Independence Street and Sprigg Street, Normal Street and Sprigg Street, and Caruthers Avenue and Broadway Street. This project will use casino funding via the “Innovation Fund.”
  • Bill No. 14-189 (#8 below) will replace an unfilled position with consultant services to manage the City’s stormwater permit. The City has tried unsuccessfully since February to find a full-time replacement for this role.

Consent Agenda (What is this?)

1. Approval of the November 17, 2014 City Council regular session minutes. PASS
2. BILL NO. 14-180, an Ordinance approving the record plat of Blank Subdivision.  Second and Third Readings. PASS
3. BILL NO. 14-181, an Ordinance approving the record plat of Betty J. Huckstep Subdivision.  Second and Third Readings. PASS
4. BILL NO. 14-182, an Ordinance approving the record plat of Dragonfly Subdivision.  Second and Third Readings. PASS
5. BILL NO. 14-183, an Ordinance authorizing property acquisition for Bloomfield Road Phase V improvements between Benton Hill Road and White Oaks Lane.  Second and Third Readings. PASS
6. BILL NO. 14-185, a Resolution approving a project of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for Gibson Recovery Center, Inc., located in the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Reading and Passage. PASS
7. BILL NO. 14-188, a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with Cotner Electric Co., Inc. for the Battery Back-up for Traffic Signals.  Reading and Passage.  PASS
8. BILL NO. 14-189, a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with BFA, Inc., for Stormwater Consultant Services. Reading and Passage. PASS
9. Bill Number 14-190, a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement for solid waste services with Republic Services, d/b/a CWI of Missouri, Inc.  Reading and Passage PASS
10. A motion to accept the street, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and waterline improvements to serve Baldwin Place Phase 2.   PASS

New Ordinances

(New ordinances will typically return to Council  on the Consent Agenda for final readings)
11. Bill No. 14-184, an Ordinance amending Section 17-98 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, regarding unlawful possession or use of weapons. First Reading. PASS
12. BILL NO. 14-186, an Ordinance approving the record plat of Dodson Farm Subdivision.  First Reading. PASS
13. BILL NO. 14-187, an Ordinance amending Schedule T of Section 26-260 of the City Code, by amending handicapped parking along a portion of  Fountain Street, in the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  First Reading.  PASS

About Consent Agendas and First, Second and Third Readings

The City Council has to have bills read at least three times over two or more meetings per the City Charter. Typically, bills are first read as a new ordinance at one meeting, and return for final readings and passage on the “Consent Agenda” at the next meeting.

Related questions? Contact the City Clerk’s Office

The “Consent Agenda” is a meeting method to make City Council meetings more efficient and meaningful to the members of the audience. All matters listed within the Consent Agenda have been distributed to each member of the Cape Girardeau City Council for reading and study, are considered to be routine, and will be enacted by one motion of the council with no separate discussion. Staff recommends approval of the Consent Agenda. If separate discussion is desired, that item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda by request of a member of the City Council.