[Updated] Joint Economic Feasibility Committee Presentation

At the Nov. 17 City Council Study Session, the City of Cape Girardeau & MidAmerica Hotels Corporation Feasibility Study Joint Committee recommended that the City Council consider an Indoor Sports Complex as the best use of restaurant tax revenue through 2030.

The Council passed a motion to accept the recommendation at the 7 p.m. regular session meeting. Staff will now research viable options for an Indoor Sports Complex. Further staff and Council action is required before final plans are adopted. Read more about the official motion to accept the recommendation online. Consultants later provided these videos of a Texas facility as an example of what would benefit the Cape area.   All Council meeting related documents and video are posted at cityofcape.org/citycouncil.

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*UPDATED: Originally posted prior to the Council session. Updated again Nov. 24 to add the committee’s research document.