Street Repair Emphasis Results in Updates to Many Cape Girardeau Streets

Placing an emphasis on street repair this year, Public Works crews and contractors have made, and will continue making, several types of updates to more than 190 sections of Cape Girardeau’s roads.

Here is a summary of work that has been completed between April and mid-October 2014. Note that the following projects do not include statistics from the ongoing Broadway Stormwater Project, and several more sections of road will be completed this fall.

Work completed by city crews from late April to mid-October 2014

  • Asphalt overlay to 17 different streets, laying more than 1,500 tons of asphalt. Work was done at the expense of approximately $86,000, only for materials.
  • Concrete repairs on 11 different streets, where multiple sections of concrete were replaced. A total of 7,500 square feet of pavement was replaced, using 425 cubic yards of concrete. Cost of materials was about $42,000.
  • Potholes were patched on 19 streets, using 1,704 gallons of the patching emulsion. Materials cost was $4,260.

Work completed by contractors & project completion estimate

  • Concrete repairs by the contractor have been completed on 50 sections of streets, which is about 28,000 square feet of replaced pavement (between July and mid-October 2014).
  • The contractor is about halfway complete with a list of 97 locations for city-wide concrete repair, with expected completion by the end of 2014. Cost is projected for this project at $450,000.

The above projects are funded through the TTF program and/or city operating budget resources.

Additional details:

Contracted concrete work location details



  1. The flooding on the 2400 block of Melrose could be eliminated by elimination of the flooding of our creek and backyards. The street does not flood until the creek and our backyards are totally flooded. The city should look into opening up more drainage, since you (the city has not increased the drainage volume in about 30 years, yet you have added extensive drainage with the massive new development north of us since 2001. No it wasn’t the developer in 1959, the city put the pipe under Glen Ridge, No, the Liza Street Basin did not fix the problem; what is being done on Westwood will not fix the problem; shame on the city of Cape Girardeau for allowing taxpayers to live in these conditions and charging us taxes in the amounts for property that will sell for a much higher premium. Any comments are certainly welcome. Folkes on Brookwood and on down through Dennis Scivily Park, did you know our flooding problem is preventing you from flooding. Thanks should be in order, and when it comes a big rain, you should come and help us clean up. Thank about it, during this Christmas Season. Thank you. Patricia L Silman

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