Cape Girardeau Police Department Now Offering Anonymous Phone Line for Information Reporting

Today, the Cape Girardeau Police Department announced a new way for the public to give information – an anonymous phone line (573-339-6313). The number is for “criminal info” only; not making a report or general info.

Often citizens want to give information to the police department but do not want to give their name or phone number—wanting to remain anonymous. Now, the public can call the phone number 573-339-6313 that will allow people to call in without having to worry about Caller ID giving the police their information. This phone number will ring at the police station but will always show as coming from a private caller.

The Police Department hopes that this will alleviate people’s fears of calling and being identified by Caller ID. This is another method that we hope will encourage the public to provide information to the police.

Citizens can also always email information or questions to the police departments email address:

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