Open House Follow Up: Public Comments Regarding the Cape Girardeau Police Department

The following is from the “Open House” news release published from the Media Relations Office at the Police Department:

PD-TourThe Cape Girardeau Police Department would like to say thank you to the community for their support in our recent open house event.  The event was well attended by residents, business owners, and public officials.

Through the tours, officers attempted to give a behind the scenes look at the day to day operations of our department by showing offices, cramped quarters, facility decay and lack of storage.  We appreciate all the positive comments that were given by everyone that attended.  Comment cards were available to be completed at the end of the tour.  Below are some of the comments that were left:

“This facility is completely outdated. I had no idea how far behind the Cape police station was behind compared to other cities of similar size with jail, equipment and technology.  Need a new facility badly.”

“I have a new respect for the work the police department does considering the dismal building and surroundings they have to work in!!”

“I’m shocked by the conditions of the department.  There isn’t enough space for you all to work efficiently.”

“Right away and throughout the tour I noticed the lack of tight security.” “The need for security, storage, employee safety and improved equipment is obviously needed.”

 “Headquarters definitely needs much more storage space and technology upgrades.  Building is not fit for the size of city and volume of employees Cape Girardeau has.”

 “I knew that the police station was in a poor state but frankly, I am shocked.”

 “It really points out the needs of our police department’s security (for the staff), work space, equipment, just room to do their jobs.”

 “You do a wonderful job of using what you have available.”