Learning Life Lessons, Epic Pals on the March Cape Chronicle

EPIC Pals relies on the human animal bond to create caring and confident kids.  The program takes place twice a week at which time, the young people in the program work through a lesson in the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum followed by a hands on dog training session.  During the training session, program participants work under the direction of an accomplished dog trainer to help teach dogs from local shelters basic obedience skills.

epic-palsClass sizes are small and dogs in the program are carefully selected by workers at local shelters.  EPIC has been successful in placing dogs who are going through the EPIC Pals program in volunteer foster homes.  Fosters play a critical part in this program by providing a home for the dogs while they are going through the program and also by helping to reinforce the training lessons the young people and the dogs work on in class.

EPIC Pals is currently being offered to select groups on a referral only basis although we hope to make the program available to others soon.  If you are interested in fostering an EPIC Pals dog in the future or if you are interested in adopting one of the dogs who have gone through the program, please contact Epic.  Additionally, donations of leashes, collars, bowls or crates are always appreciated.  Contact them at 573-587-1921 or coordinator@epicprevention.org for more information.

The mission of  EPIC is to join together in a common effort to build a healthy and safe community, reducing the risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while promoting the healthy attitudes and behaviors of youth in Southeast Missouri.

Visit EPIC online: http://www.epicprevention.org/