Cape Girardeau Welcomes Visiting New African Leaders

The City Mayor and Manager recently hosted the International Visitor Leadership Program, welcoming newly-elected, young African leaders to the City of Cape Girardeau. Your county commissioners, Clint Tracy and Charlie Herbst, were also a part of the program.

These visitors are invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Their program is arranged by Graduate School USA.

The Department of State objectives for the project include:

  • Examine U.S. federalism; the separation of powers at the federal, state, and local levels of government and between the branches of government; and the basic structures of governance;
  • Explore traditional and evolving models of civic participation in America from grassroots to national levels of government through town hall meetings, hearings, media campaigns, volunteerism, in-service learning, civic organizations, and elected office;
  • Demonstrate successful models of cooperation among federal, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations, community organizations, and the business sector;
  • Discuss “best practices” and models of public administration, ethics, transparency and community outreach, oversight, fiscal management, and crisis management which lead to good governance; and
  • Examine how private individuals, community organizations, and businesses work with state and local governments.


Burkina Faso Mr. Benjamin TARBAGDO
Member, National Assembly

Central African Republic Mr. Thierry-Georges VACKAT
Vice President, Commission on Natural Resources

Deputy, National Assembly of Chad

Democratic Republic of the Congo Ms. Annie Liboloto MOMBUNZA
Member, National House of Representative

Cote d’Ivoire Mr. Vassiriki SOUMAHORO
Special Advisor and Director,
Strategic Coordination Department,
Ministry of Planning and Development

Mauritius Ms. Zareena Tawheen CHOOMKA
City Councilor, Port-Louis

Ms. Eileen Karen Lee Chin FOO KUNE
Municipal Councilor, Beau-Bassin/Rose Hill

Niger Ms. Safiatou ABDOU
Deputy Mayor and Municipal Councilor, Say

Sierra Leone Mr. Segepoh THOMAS
Member of Parliament