Nominations Accepted for Cape Girardeau’s 2014 Endangered Buildings List

The Cape Girardeau Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is accepting nominations for the 2014 Endangered Buildings List. The Endangered Buildings List is designed to promote awareness of historic buildings that are in danger of being lost due to demolition, deterioration, and long term vacancy.

Submit a nomination here

The submission deadline is March 14. The HPC will review the nominations on March 19 and finalize the list on April 16. Both meetings are open to the public and will be held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 401 Independence Street. For more information, please contact the Planning Services Division at 573-339-6327 or

Read more about buildings included on the 2013 Endangered Buildings List

Kage School wp


  1. plese dont let it be tourn down,this is one of the oldest landmarks in cape gir.and one of my dearest memories in my childhood,please, i wanted to buy this building and restore it years ago but someone got in the way and kept me from getting it, please contact me at 316 5224190, ken kimbel thank you.

    • Mr. Kimbel –
      If you’re referring to the Kage School pictured with the blog, the school was added to the City’s 2013 Endangered Buildings List. The list is simply compiled as a way to recognize the community importance and history of said buildings, not as a list of which buildings will be torn down. We’d love to see every nominated building saved! If you have questions, please contact Development Services at 573-339-6327. Thanks for reading.

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