2014 Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival Cancelled

Updated: Since this blog was originally posted in early February, the Snowbirds were able to recommit to a handful of U.S. air shows in 2014, including the Cape Girardeau Air Festival. Join us on May 17-18, 2014 to see the Snowbirds and other high flying acts! Ticket and parking information: http://blog.cityofcapegirardeau.org/2014-cape-girardeau-air-festival-schedule-parking-and-ticket-info/

Bruce Loy, Airport Manager at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport and Director for the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival, announced today that the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, previously scheduled for a May 17-19, 2014 air show in Cape Girardeau, have cancelled all of their 2014 U.S. air show appearances, due to financial budget cuts. “As a result of this disappointing, unexpected news, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2014 Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival,” said Loy.

Airshow FacebookIn an email delivered to Mr. Loy and all of the producers for the 2014 air shows scheduled by the Snowbirds team, Major Trevor Juby, Special Events Planner for the Snowbirds team, stated, “By now you have probably heard that the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) is facing budget cuts…something we have been trying to resolve. Unfortunately, due to these budgetary constraints the Snowbirds are unable to support American air shows in 2014.”

Loy noted that many options were reviewed, but in the end, the Snowbirds were the main focus for the 2014 show. “Without our headliner, we simply felt we could not go forward, especially on a weekend that included the SEMO commencement, as well as other local high school commencement exercises.” Loy added, “We will regroup and see if we can put together another quality show for 2015. Whether or not those plans include the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will depend on many variables. The main variable will depend on whether Canadian Forces budget includes U.S. air shows next year. We will simply have to wait and see.”


  1. We just got an email on 3-20-14 with details of the air show. What is correct? Show or no show?

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