Police Get Medic Packs from CLERF Funds [VIDEO]

Officer Rich McCall

Purchased with county restitution funds, law enforcement personnel in Cape Girardeau County, including City police officers, will now carry medic packs like police in the military.

City of Cape Girardeau Police Officer Rich McCall, who has done a few private security tours in Afghanistan, brought the idea back to Cape.

“If an officer is a firefight, is shot-at, they’re not going to have time to go back to their cars,” said Public Information Officer Darin Hickey. “Emergency medic packs will be vital if a situation arises where an officer is injured.”

[VIDEO: Watch 2-Minute Interview with Public Information Officer Darin Hickey]

The Cape Girardeau County Law Enforcement Crime Restitution Board oversees funds collected from court case fees. Funds are used for county law enforcement needs.