Solving Crime with LeadsOnline

In November of 2012, the City of Cape Girardeau and LeadsOnline became a partner in fighting crime using technology and innovation.  Certain businesses throughout the city began reporting sales and purchase transactions to a web-based program that tracks those sales and allows law enforcement to search the database.  The Cape Girardeau Police Department has been successful in using the database to solve crimes, arrest suspects and return stolen property that before the database, could have gone unsolved.

A few examples of the successes that the police department has been involved in over the past year are listed below:

*A generator valued over $1000 was reported stolen in Illinois and was sold in Cape Girardeau.  The generator was recovered and returned and Illinois was able to make an arrest in the theft.

*Stolen property was sold to a local pawn shop.  Officers recovered and returned the stolen property and a suspect was arrested for burglary in the county.

*Stolen pool cues were sold to a local pawn shop.  The property was recovered and returned to the owner.  A suspect was arrested which lead to other stolen property being recovered and other theft cases being cleared.

*Property that was sold at several local pawn shops helped identify a suspect which then lead to an arrest and conviction of a burglary suspect.

*Stolen property was recovered and returned that had been sold at a local business, the victim did not wish to pursue charges against the suspect.

*A guitar that was stolen from Scott City was recovered from a local business that had purchased the item.  The item was recovered and returned to the owner.

*Several pieces of jewelry that had been sold to a local business lead to a search warrant and multiple arrests which solved several open burglary cases.  This suspect was also featured in local media breaking into a local residence during the daytime hours.

*Several yard tools were recovered and returned after a theft report was made in Jackson, MO.

*Cape Girardeau detectives recovered and returned several expensive professional grade power tools that had been reported stolen from a commercial business.  A suspect was identified and arrested.

LeadsOnline has also served as a reference database for officers and detectives to track sale trends of property and has assisted in several other investigations beyond thefts and burglaries.  Officers have been successful in locating and returning victim’s property, arresting suspects and solving crimes that could have gone unsolved.  The value of the LeadsOnline database is proven on a daily basis.

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