First Call for Help Program Provides Assistance for Citizens of Southeast Missouri

First Call For Help is a free and confidential telephone helpline and website designed to connect people in need with appropriate resources in their community. They serve people in the counties of Cape Girardeau, Scott, Stoddard, Bollinger and Perry.

First-CallFirst Call connects people to resources that help them with a range of social issues such as abuse, adoption, AIDS, alcohol abuse, birth control, cancer, counseling, depression, disability support, drug abuse, employment, health care, HIV, housing, licenses, medical care, pregnancy, retirement, sexual abuse, substance abuse and other support groups. There are hundreds more listed on the website at

This program first became operational in 1999 after two years of collaboration with the community. They are currently funded by the United Way of Southeast Missouri, Community Caring Council, SoutheastHEALTH, Missouri Foundation for Health, City of Cape Girardeau, City of Jackson, and the Cape Girardeau County Senior Mill Tax.

According to their website, having the available resources and being able to widely distribute them, First Call For Help works on multiple levels to assist people in need, maximize community resources, identify gaps in services and assist in short and long range community planning.

Find resources via First Call for Help’s website at, by email at, or by calling (573) 334-4357 or (866) 914-4357.

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  1. I need help turning my gas back on. I have two small children in the home and really need help. I do work but I don’t make that much.

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