2014 Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival to Host the Royal Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Team

CX2013-0239-36 The Snowbirds perform at the Comox Armed Forces Day and Air Show, celebrating 70 years of Canadian Air Force History in Comox. The show took place at CFB Comox on 17th August 2013 and included the CF-18 Demonstration Team, the Snowbirds, a WWII-era B-25 Mitchell bomber as well Team Rocket with their hight performance Harmon Rocket F1 and Harmon Rocket II airplanes. Photo by Sgt Halina Folfas, 19 Wing Imaging. © 2013, DND-MDN Canada CX2013-0239-36 Les Snowbirds se produisent pendant le spectacle aérien qui a souligné à Comox la Journée nationale des Forces armées et les 70 ans d?histoire de la Force aérienne du Canada à cet endroit. Le spectacle a eu lieu à la BFC Comox, le 17 août 2013, auquel ont participé l?Équipe de démonstration du CF18, les Snowbirds, un bombardier B-25 Mitchell de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et l?Équipe Rocket aux commandes de ses avions à haute performance Harmon Rocket F1 et Harmon Rocket II. Photo : Sgt Halina Folfas, Section de l?imagerie de la 19e Escadre © 2013, DND-MDN CanadaThe Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is extremely happy to announce that the Royal Canadian Forces demonstration jet team, the Canadian Snowbirds, will be performing at the 2014 Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival the weekend of May 17-18.

Photo by Sgt Halina Folfas, 19 Wing Imaging, Royal Canadian Air Force

The popular Canadian Forces Snowbirds, a nine-aircraft formation jet demonstration team, have been performing before large Canadian crowds since 1967. A typical performing season for the Snowbirds will see them performing in only about five United States cities in any given air show season.

During a year when most air shows may be scrambling again to find any type of military support due to budget cuts, the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is fortunate to get the call from the Canadian Forces team.

“Having the Snowbirds as our 2014 headliner is absolutely huge,” said Bruce Loy, Airport Manager and Director of the Air Festival. “I have been trying to get the Canadian jet team to come to Cape for the past sixteen years. The timing couldn’t be better, considering all the mystery and questions still hanging out there regarding U.S. military involvement for the 2014 air show season. The fact that they selected Cape Girardeau as one of five U.S. destinations is nothing short of phenomenal! When they offered us the May 17-18 weekend we absolutely jumped on it! It is not our usual time frame, but you pretty much have to take what they offer you.”

Loy said the general public is not quite as familiar with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds like they are with the Navy Blue Angels or the Air Force Thunderbirds, but he is confident, “the Snowbirds will absolutely blow you away!”

Loy added, “The Snowbirds have a nine plane formation, versus the typical six planes used by the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. They stay in a much closer air space and are in front of you during their entire show.”

Specifics on the show will be announced later as the Airport Advisory Board and air show volunteers begin planning the show.

“One thing is certain”, Loy stated, the 2014 Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is sure to be one that you will never forget!”

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    • Usually, the food and drink tent associated with the premium tickets has tables and chairs under it. However, you may want to bring additional seating for when the show starts (because you won’t want that tent blocking your view, of course).

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