Take Me Home Program Assisting Families in Cape Girardeau

take-me-homeIn 2009, the Cape Girardeau Police Department and Cape Girardeau Public Schools came together to advance a program designed for families with loved ones that have special needs called Take Me Home.

Should the family member with special needs wander away from where they’re being cared for and not be able to correctly give a police officer their address and other pertinent details, the Take Me Home program provides a database of information for officers to correctly assist and identify the family member.

Luther Bonds, DARE Officer, and Deena Ring, Director of Special Services with Cape Girardeau Public Schools, are attempting to update and verify accurate information for persons previously registered with the Take Me Home program. Citizens from other communities are also welcome to register with Take Me Home, as it is possible that their loved ones may end up in Cape Girardeau.

Letters are also being sent out with students throughout the school district to help spread the word of the program. There is no age limit to register. Officer Bonds and Ms. Ring also want to remind the community that this program is available to everyone at no cost.

The forms will be available from Cape Girardeau Schools and also on the Police Department’s website. Cape Girardeau Public Schools students may return forms to Ms. Ring. All other completed forms should returned to Officer Bonds at the Police Department.

If you have additional questions or encounter difficulties during registration, you may contact Ms. Deena Ring at 573-335-1867 or Officer Luther Bonds at 573-335-6621.

Download information, registration form