Downtown Parking Increases After Broadway Streetscape Project

No sooner than dust settled over last summer’s massive Broadway corridor construction project in downtown Cape Girardeau and cold, rainy spring weather passed, crews began working to re-establish former spaces and create new parking locations throughout the district.

Prior to Broadway construction, the City of Cape Girardeau hosted a public meeting in summer 2011 where both business owners and citizens openly discussed which amenities should be included in the project’s final design. Meeting dialogue included whether Broadway needed more sidewalk, more parking, or a combination of both. Many downtown business owners were concerned about losing parking along Broadway’s north side during the project.

Prior to construction, parking directly available on Broadway included 112 parking spaces next to both lanes of traffic.

Creating more sidewalk and green space won out to help promote business expansion, sidewalk cafes and increased pedestrian traffic, costing 64 total parking spaces (51 spaces on the north and 13 on the south).

Fast-forward two years later: Broadway is complete, new businesses are moving in, and available parking increased.

The following spaces have been added through partnerships with business owners and an asphalt overlay project completed in summer 2013:

  • +50 at the northwest corner of Broadway and Main Street (Old Convention and Visitors Bureau building)
  • +23 at Broadway Prescription Shop
  • +48 at Last Call
  • +47 at Middle Street and Broadway, across from Discovery Playhouse

Download parking map

With these additions, Broadway parking spaces have increased to 168. Additional parking not included in the new total but nearby businesses and homes include spaces along the following cross streets: Ellis, Fountain, Frederick, Lorimier, Middle, Spanish and Water. Parking available on cross streets is within easy walking distance from Broadway.

Broadway BusinessPublic Parking2