City Seeking Input on Nuisance Ordinance

The City of Cape Girardeau held a public meeting at 6 p.m. on Aug. 28, at the Osage Centre to solicit input on several proposed nuisance ordinance changes. Online surveys will be collected through the end of August.




Nuisances are defined at length on the website at In summary, nuisances are any object or action that is obnoxious, unhealthy, dangerous or offensive to the public. Examples can include noise issues, litter, junk, weeds, animals, graffiti, and related items.

In response to public demand for nuisance control, a committee of City employees recently reviewed the City’s nuisance issues and related ordinances. Committee recommendations are summarized in the survey and available in full text in a previously published City Council agenda packet from June 17, 2013. The Council report also included categorized nuisance counts since 2006 and the committee’s memo to the City Manager from May 2013.


Read more about the 2012 Cape Girardeau resident survey


  1. So many things are trivial that the residents of Cape Girardeau, consider nuisance, I seriously wish you would listen to what you are saying. I wish all I had to deal with was burning leaves. But no, the city will spend the money on something trivial instead of making sure the residents in Cape have a proper drainage system that will prevent the homes on the 2400 Block of Melrose and Glenridge from flooding; and I also think it would be nice to give us back our backyards and quit using them for a water retention area to prevent others from flooding. It is like leaving a wounded soldier behind. We pay our taxes just like the rest of Cape. Smart-up Cape, first things first. Where we live is important and the city of Cape should gets its priorities straight. Thank you.

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