Staff Profile: Tim Richmond, City Engineer II, Development Services Division

Tim Richmond 3Tim Richmond started working with the City of Cape Girardeau on July 1 as City Engineer II. Before working for the City, Richmond retired from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

Richmond decided to take this job opportunity because he liked the idea of doing something different. Richmond lives close to City Hall, so the convenient drive helped this decision as well.

“I smile all the way to work knowing I don’t have to drive so far,” Richmond said.

Richmond was born and raised in Bloomfield, Mo. He attended Dexter High School and then decided to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla Missouri.

After graduation Richmond decided to move to St. Louis for a while, where he held a few different jobs. Richmond eventually moved to Cape Girardeau and has been here for 26 years.

“When I was going through school I changed my major several times. I thought I would enjoy the engineering field since I always had an interest in science,” Richmond said when asked why he chose to study engineering, “There were many job opportunities with a wide spectrum in society that helped my decision.”

At the City, Richmond has been reviewing plans, working with project managers, working with consultants and overseeing new development projects. He is still learning his daily tasks with his new position but enjoys the people he gets to work with.

“Everyone is very nice. I like it here and the people I get to work with,” said Richmond.

If Richmond had to describe himself in one word it would be grateful. The two things he cannot live without are barbecue and his coffee thermos, which he brings to the office daily.

Richmond enjoys his free time, too. He likes to hike and camp whenever he can fit it into his schedule. He also enjoys barbecuing. Richmond for eight years participated in local barbecue competitions in Jackson, Sikeston, Carbondale and Cape Girardeau. His last competition was in 2011. Richmond’s wife is the head softball coach for Southeast Missouri State University, so he tries to attend as many games as possible.