City Council Gets First-Hand Look at City's Needs

On June 18, several City Council Representatives had the chance to tour upcoming projects, current projects and to take a look at the development of Cape Girardeau as a whole. Three tour topics included the Transfer Station at Public Works, the future Wastewater Treatment Plant and Cape Splash.
transfer-stationTransfer Station 
Cape Girardeau’s Transfer Station is important because it combines small loads of solid waste into one large shipment, saving labor and operating costs when waste has to be disposed to a different location. Many people and businesses rely on the Transfer Station daily. In 2012, 7,830 customers paying cash and 4,294 charge accounts used the facility. The Transfer Station assisted in disposing   51,751,860 pounds of waste. Built in the 1980s, the Transfer Station now has significant maintenance issues to be addressed.
wastewater-council-tourWastewater Treatment Facility
The Wastewater Treatment Facility is the largest current City project. The new facility is expected to be operating by early summer 2014. Recent state regulations required Cape Girardeau to increase its wastewater treatment capacity and therefore build the new facility. Find more about the 2011 vote to improve wastewater treatment on our website. The facility will also produce marketable fertilizer from the City’s wastewater.
Cape Splash
While visiting Cape Splash, Council Members were able to look at a possible future expansion projects. The Council also looked at other areas like the Shawnee Park playground, the Red House and a proposed RV Park.
This was a great opportunity for representatives to discuss future projects. One local journalist attended the tour.
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