Group Fitness Classes Available Through Parks and Rec

training2The City of Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department offers group fitness classes located at 4-H Exhibit Hall and Osage Centre. These classes are fun to go to with a partner or group of people. Whether you want a class that is about dance and fun or calorie burning we have something for you!

Classes are $3.50 per visit, or discounted to $36 for 12 visits or $60 for 24 visits unless otherwise noted. First class is always free. Registration Form

There are seven different classes to choose from, including Low-Impact Aerobics, Piloxing, RIPPED, Yoga, Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning.

Low- Impant Aerobics

This class was designed for those who are limited physically. It offers positive support along with safe-low aerobics. Participants will enjoy this class with music and fun while burning fat and building strong bones.


Piloxing is a combined cardio workout which includes both Pilates and Boxing. This class is a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout that will whip participants into shape.


During this class participants will perform long bursts of maximum intensity exercises with short periods of rest. They will stay constantly challenged as they alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals. This class is specifically designed to make people burn a high number of calories!


Through basic yoga poses, participants will work towards relaxation, mental clarity, and tuning in to their bodies. The class is for all levels even if you have not done Yoga before.



This is a dance based fitness class; inspired by traditional Latin-based music including, salsa, samba and meringue. These dance moves are easy to follow and provide body beautifying benefits for all ages.

Zumba Gold

This class is done at a much lower intensity than Zumba, although the same style dance and music is used. The main goal of this class is to build and improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

Zumba Toning

This class is a building block on top of the regular Zumba class. Participants will use light dumbbells to improve rhythm, build strength and tone all the target areas.

For information on Group Fitness Classes offered in June or call 573-339-6342.