Cape Girardeau Roller Girls Seeking Event Volunteers

roller-girlsCape Girardeau’s very own roller derby league, the Cape Girardeau Roller Girls (CGRG), are currently looking for volunteers to help on their bout days. The volunteering opportunities include working the door at the A.C. Brase Arena, helping with security, people to sell merchandise or people to help officiate the matches.

Didn’t know Cape Girardeau even had a roller derby league? The idea for CGRG came in February 2010, when founding members Sue Bob Fight (formerly Bobbie Soxxx), Sylvia Smash and Revenjamin decided to attend a bout of their eventual big-sister league, the Southern Illinois Roller Girls.

“I had never played team sports, but the action and aggression got us all [Sue Bob Fight, Sylvia Smash and Revenjamin] very pumped,” Sue Bob Fight, president of the CGRG, said. “Once you are out of school, women have very few opportunities to engage in competitive athletics. Roller derby also brings many different types of people from different backgrounds together.”

The three women decided to start working towards forming a league in Cape Girardeau, since Southeast Missouri did not have a roller derby league. They decided to create a Facebook page, and according to Fight, “There was way more interest than we thought.”

The women decided to hold a meeting a couple weeks later with those who had expressed interest and began looking to the Southern Illinois Roller Girls for guidance in making the CGRG a reality.

“The initial appeal of roller derby to most is the aggression. Many people show interest, but most don’t realize the amount of time and effort it takes to learn the skills and strategy required to be able to play this sport safely and effectively. That can be really intimidating to someone just starting out,” said Fight.

The league also helps teach anyone who is currently a little rusty with their skating skills or who have no skating skills at all.

“We provide training for skaters, and we are currently holding open recruitment,” said Fight.

The mission of CGRG is “to develop and promote sportswomanship, athleticism and service to the Cape Girardeau area,” according to the league’s website.

Since the league is run as a volunteer organization, the people involved are unpaid and participate for the love of roller derby and their community. For those interested in volunteering for the bouts, please contact bout manager, Wicked Witch, at

Any women, ages 18 or over, who are interested in becoming a roller girl should email Sue Bob Fight at

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