Staff Profile: New City of Cape Girardeau GIS Manager James Price

James-PriceJames Price became Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager on March 20 for the City of Cape Girardeau Development Services Division.

“We make detailed maps for the City,” Price said. “Almost everything the City does, if you think about it, involves some map. Public Works and so on, they send a truck to the field…if you’re dispatching police it all goes there somewhere; that’s GIS in a nutshell. Making maps, updating maps, and then creating map services for the website.”

Before coming to Cape Girardeau, Price worked as a GIS Section Chief for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in South Korea. Having an extensive background in GIS mapping, Price says that there are challenges to his field.

“The technology changes constantly, so keeping up with it is difficult,” Price said. “One thing that has impressed me with Cape Girardeau is that there is a really good IT Manager (Marc Ciarniello) here. If you didn’t have that, it would be much harder to do.”

Even though there are challenges, Price always enjoyed putting the application of geography to work. Price has much that he hopes to accomplish while working with the City.

“Well, the City has done a lot with GIS in the past; they have a lot of good data,” Price said. “Getting everything up to industry standards, which is a constant challenge, getting things in order and making them more efficient are my goals.”

Price explained that GIS is still evolving here in Cape Girardeau. His first major project will be to implement a web-based system that will improve employee and public access.

Price, a Louisville, Ky. native, graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in geography. He completed graduate school at Texas A&M University, where he also studied geography.

When Price isn’t busy working with maps, he enjoys outdoor hobbies such as hiking. Price enjoys watching college basketball, especially the 2013 National Champion Louisville Cardinals.