If Students Ran Government…Youth in Government Day 2013 in Cape Girardeau

Guest blog post by Taylor Feeney, Notre Dame Regional High School
2013 Youth in Government Day Public Information Office Assistant

On Wednesday, April 24, students from local high schools gathered at Cape Girardeau City Hall to experience the way city officials work. Teens had the chance to shadow officers and see what their typical day is like.

Youth in Government Day 2013 (23)Youth in Government Day is a great opportunity for local students. It gives them a chance to determine what they want to do and to see how their city works. Students get a hands-on experience with what city officials do and how we interact with people,” said Cape Girardeau Planner Marquitrice Wright (photo at left).

“[I was] excited for this opportunity and [I am] ready to learn about city government,” said Notre Dame Regional High School Junior, Sara Coello, who was escorted by City Clerk Gayle Conrad.

Another large part of the day was the Mock City Council Meeting. Eight members presided, discussing the issues of the City.

Mayor Jackson Voss began by presenting a proclamation for Local Government Week to the Assistant City Manager. The body of the meeting pertained to controversy of the city. Topics of discussion included urban deer management, bicycle lanes, texting while driving, and many others. Mock City Council members Emily Todt, Sarah Stroup, Josh Friedrich, Emily Hagan, Josh Greaser, Ashley Westbrook, and City Manager Brendan Williams addressed these topics to find solutions for such issues.

“I think that being a part of the Council has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about how it works,” said Cape Central Junior Emily Hagan.

Top 5 Quotes from Youth in Government Day

    1. “It has been really cool being the City Manager. Overall, it has been a good experience.” -Brendan Williams, student
    2. “I enjoy talking about engineering. It is an interesting profession. I especially loved the donuts.” -Adele Soutar, student
    3. “I think Government Day is interesting. I am glad that I had this experience shadowing the City Attorney.” -Britney Hubbard, student
    4. “Government Day is an excellent way for teenagers to see what city government is all about. Not many high school students know exactly what they want to do in the future, and I think that this is a great way for them to explore all of their options.” -Chelsie Helmes, Human Resources, City of Cape Girardeau
    5. “Today has been a super informative experience for me. I knew a lot about the works of city government, but I got to learn more about the protocol and agenda for the City Council meetings.” -Jackson Voss, student