Honoring Public Safety Communicators, April 2013

Public-Safety-Communicators-Week-2013-ProclamationPublic safety communicators work in a hectic environment while routing life-saving resources to Cape Girardeau residents. April 7-13 was National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, honoring the professionalism and expertise of all public safety telecommunicators. Mayor Harry Rediger at the April 4 City Council meeting issued a proclamation and gave sincere thanks to the City’s Public Safety Communications staff.

The Public Safety Communications staff are responsible for handling 911 calls from citizens and relaying the information on to the necessary emergency personnel for a quick on-scene response. This includes getting information to area fire departments, police departments and medical personnel.

City telecommunicators are also responsible for alerting the City about severe weather warnings, knowing City streets, addresses and landmarks, cataloging stolen items, acquiring criminal histories and checking for municipal warrants.

TelecommunicatorsIn 2011, Cape Girardeau Public Safety Communicators handled 21,877,911 calls, of which 11,036 calls were police reports and 4,099 were fire and emergency medical service calls.

For more information contact Cheryl Stoffregen at 573-335-6621 or cstoffregen@cityofcape.org.

Pictured at top, from left: Public Safety Communicators Gwyn Devenport and Cheryl Stoffregen, Mayor Harry Rediger, and Assistant Fire Chief Mark Hashieder.

Video: Public Safety Communications Center – Cape Girardeau

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