Direct Results Team Established by Cape Girardeau Police Department

Interim Chief of Police Roger Fields announced today that a group of officers from the Cape Girardeau Police Department is being formed to proactively resolve criminal activity, community issues and concerns. Named the Direct Results Team (DRT), the group will address, investigate and quickly resolve tasks as assigned.

“The DRT will receive daily instruction,” explained Fields. “The primary purpose of the team is to identify perpetrators as quickly as possible and deal with them accordingly, for many times a single individual or group may be responsible for a multitude of crimes.”

Those officers assigned to the DRT may work together as a group or individually, depending on their assignments. For example, they may be assigned to follow up on a series of burglaries from the night before or to address complaints about park curfew violations.

The Cape Girardeau Police Department responds to over 50,000 calls for service annually. Police Officers often find themselves with most of their time obligated to immediate calls for service with little to no time to follow up on previous calls. The DRT will be afforded the versatility to operate without routine business constraints and will have the expectation of reducing criminal behavior and resolving issues within our community.