Bicycle, Pedestrian Bridge Added to Cape Girardeau’s Trail Network

Crews recently installed a pedestrian bridge over Cape LaCroix Creek in Cape Girardeau as a part of construction extending the City’s existing multi-modal (bicycle and pedestrian) trail infrastructure. The bridge is a part of trail and signal improvements along William Street (Route K) and Highway 74.

The City of Cape Girardeau has not contributed funding for the improvements. The project is being completed and paid for by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) with federally-mandated statewide transportation enhancement funds selected through a statewide competitive process. Completion is anticipated by late summer 2013.

This project will complement Cape Girardeau’s existing recreational trail and bicycle lane network by connecting it to additional popular destinations, including West Park Mall, as well as businesses in the vicinity of Best Buy, Schnucks and Dairy Queen. Additional bicycle lane striping will also be added by MoDOT on Highway 74 from the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge to Siemers Drive.

Existing traffic signals along William Street and Highway 74 will be upgraded with adaptive traffic signal system technology, which should result in better traffic flow. The signals will operate in real time instead of on a pre-timed basis in order to better respond to changing traffic conditions, with the goal of achieving a “green light corridor” with fewer stops for motorists. Fewer motorist stops translates to less fuel usage and lower exhaust emissions.

Pedestrian push button signals with crosswalks will be provided at the Broadview Street, Silver Springs Road and St. Francis Drive intersections on William Street and at a several intersections on Highway 74.

Pedestrian Bridge Route K

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