Deer Count Presentation, Video, Sample Ballot

Since fall 2011, residents and the City Council have been debating the merits of an urban deer hunting program to reduce the deer population in Cape Girardeau. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) presented their findings at the regular City Council meeting on March 5, 2013. The MDC deer count assessed 37 deer per square mile. For more information, download the presentation below.

On April 2, Cape Girardeau city residents will have the urban deer hunting question on their ballot. The Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s Office office has a sample ballot and polling locations posted on their website. Voters, please note:

Deer Hunting Ordinance Facts
Read the ordinance in full at

  • Hunting will only be allowed on tracts of land of three acres or more
  • Bows only; no guns
  • Permit required from the State of Missouri and City of Cape Girardeau prior to hunting
  • Hunting must occur from an elevated position aiming to the interior of the property