Staff Profile: Sgt. Kevin Orr, Cape Girardeau Police Department

orrSergeant Kevin Orr is the sergeant in charge of the Traffic Division at the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Orr has worked at the Police Department for 30 years. He took over as Traffic Division Sergeant in May 2006. Orr is originally from Dudley, Mo. in Stoddard County, and he graduated from Dexter High School in 1978.

What are your duties at the Cape Girardeau Police Department?

Orr: As of right now, I’m the sergeant in charge of the Traffic Division, so I supervise the Traffic Division. I’m in charge of the six officers. We do the main traffic enforcement; we work the traffic crashes and we’re in charge of special traffic roadway events. We deal with the road races, the parades, anything that deals with traffic we are pretty much in charge of. We also have officers who are assigned as traffic enforcement officers, whose main goal is to enforce traffic citations to cut down on crashes that we have throughout the city. One of our big goals is to reduce the number of traffic crashes that occur in the city limits.

What were your duties when you first started working with the Cape Girardeau Police Department?

Orr: My first four years here was with the Patrol Division. Just like anyone that was hired, you begin in the Patrol Division and working days, evenings and midnights on rotating shifts in those days.

Where did you go from there?

Orr: I applied for a position as an Assistant Crime Prevention Officer in a division with Carl Kinnison at that time. That position evolved into many different things over the years. I worked public information at one point in time. I worked nine years investigating criminal and check cases. When we first started the Citizens Police Academy, that was given to me as my duties, so I was put in charge of that. The position in that Division encompassed a lot of different duties. I’ve done just about everything except being in the Narcotics Division and the Scientific Investigation Unit.

Do have a favorite in your time working at the police department?

Orr: A lot of the best memories I have are mainly with some of the officers that I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve been involved with some really good arrests and getting some really bad people off of the streets. Overall, I’ve worked with some really good people over the years.

Have you liked working at the police department?

Orr: I’ve been here 30 years, so I like what I do and I continue to like what I do. I never have reached the time where I don’t like coming to work. I still have at least four more years that I know I’m going to be here for sure. Police work is one of the jobs, and the thing that makes it interesting, is even though I’m not out on the road everyday, you still end up doing different things. Another thing that has made it interesting for me recently is my son has recently got a job as a police officer at the Chaffee Police Department. I have another family member who works for another police agency in Stoddard County, so it kind of runs in our family. I’ve done it for a long time, [but] I’ve never envisioned one of my children doing this kind of work.

Does your son ever ask you for advice or help?

Orr: Oh yeah, all the time. He calls me sometimes when he is at work.