12 Most Read City Blogs in 2012

Here’s a recap of the 12 most read articles posted to the City’s blog during 2012. Thanks for reading!

  1. Proposed Alcohol Ordinance Changes, Public Survey
  2. Fall Family Festival on Nov. 16 at Shawnee Park Center
  3. Scooter Ordinance Coming Soon – Compare Vehicles, Laws – Survey
  4. Example Election Ballot, Find Your Polling Place in Cape Girardeau County
  5. Web Survey Results: Alcohol, Scooter Ordinances
  6. City of Cape Girardeau and MoDOT to Expand Bike Routes, Pedestrian Trails
  7. Doggy Swim Day at Cape Splash on Sept. 16
  8. Airport Open House and Fun Day on Sept. 22 in Cape Girardeau
  9. View the Cape LaCroix Recreational Trail Proposal Presentation
  10. Scooter Ordinance Effective Nov. 16 in Cape Girardeau
  11. Cape Girardeau Area Law Enforcement Searching for Assault Suspect
  12. Haunted Hall of Horror and Light Fright Night 2012