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Should scooter drivers be required to carry insurance, wear a helmet and be prohibited from traveling on streets with greater than 35 mph speed limits?
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An ordinance scheduled for final approval at the next City Council meeting Nov. 5, would require insurance and helmets in addition to prohibiting passengers effective Nov. 16. The ordinance was first read and passed at the Oct. 15 Council meeting.

City of Cape Girardeau Scooter Ordinance
State of Missouri Scooter Law
Child Safety Restraint Law
Motorcycle License & Permits
Missouri Department of Transportation, Road Safety

Use the chart below to compare bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and other vehicles by applicable law regarding helmets, insurance, and other restrictions.

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Take the survey, and we’ll share your responses with the City Council. You can also contact your Council representative directly.


  1. I want to comment bout proposed scooter laws. If you restrict scooters to streets with a limit of 35 there is no way to get to Walmart, Target, Sears, Lowes, etc. I also ride my scooter to work at P&G which saves me a fortune in gas. If the new law passes I will not be able to ride to work anymore. I actually save enough in gas to make my scooter payment.

  2. This law is incredibly harsh and absolutely bias against a large portion of people who live in Cape Girardeau – students. If you want to attract college students, why do you have such harsh laws? Helmets and licenses I could understand, even though this is not a state law. The rest of it is absolutely ridiculous and brought about by people who have nothing better to do with their time than complain. I notice there wasn’t a survey about this topic.

  3. As the owner of the largest scooter dealer in the area, it is totally biased toward scooter owners. It literally put me out of business. I was selling an average of 200-400 scooters per year. 97% of my 110 monthly rentals were returned. This drastic change forced me to close in June 2013.

    You wiped out a valid way of transportation for students and local residents to get around town. Made it illegal to go to work on Kingshighway, and prevented students from being mobile and expanding the economic reach of the student body.

    How can a bicycle ride on Kingshighway and a scooter can’t?How can Grandma drive 25 on Kinshighway and a scooter can’t? I think that’s called Descrimination.

    Not to mention, putting a thriving local business under. Thanks

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