Safety Tips for Seniors, Community from Cape Girardeau Police Department

The last thing anyone wants is to be a crime victim this holiday season, or any time of year. The Cape Girardeau Police Department has posted several safety tips online, especially for seniors. Please share the information below and on the Police Department’s safety tips checklist with your nearest and dearest.

In the unfortunate event you become a victim of crime, please remember the following:

  • Remain calm. Get to a safe place if the situation demands it.
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Inform the operator if you are injured and need medical attention.
  • Are there weapons involved in this incident? Does the suspect have weapons?
  • If an attacker only wants your property (i.e., purse, wallet), DO NOT RESIST. Give them the property. Your life and wellbeing is worth more than property.
  • Is the suspect still on-scene or has he left the area?
  • Make note of the suspect’s physical characteristics (i.e., clothing, gender, race, build)
  • Make note of what occurred during the incident (i.e., damaged property, assault, stolen property, etc.)
  • Do not touch anything that may be of evidentiary value. The officer may want to seize that item for evidence.
  • Remain nearby for the officer’s arrival.
  • Retrieve a report number for the incident from the officer.
  • You should receive an update from the officer as the investigation progresses.

Use the following numbers to contact the Police Department:

Emergency             911
Routine Business and Questions    573-335-6621, Option 3

Other important phone numbers:

Elderly Abuse and Neglect              1-800-392-0210
Community Counseling Center         573-334-1100

Download Safety Tips Checklist

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