Local Music in Cape Girardeau: Open Mic and Singer/Songwriter Nights

The local music scene in Cape Girardeau has grown tremendously in the past few years with the help of local businesses such as Pitter’s Café and Lounge, Buckner Brewing Company, Port Cape Girardeau, Cup ‘N’ Cork, LoDo, Ragsdales, and many more.  For musicians who wish to plant a sound or voice in the local music garden of Cape Girardeau, four of these locations host open mic and singer/songwriter nights.

Every Tuesday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., at Buckner Brewing Company on the corner of Main Street and Broadway, the Bob Camp Band jams on Buckner’s newly renovated stage.

Bob Camp and his musical partners always welcome others to attend.  Several local musicians sing and play an array of instruments.  This weekly event is free to the public. For more information on Bob Camp Band’s open mic night, call Buckner Brewing Company at 573-334-4677.

Every other Tuesday at Port Cape Girardeau, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., local singer/songwriters are invited to perform.  Port Cape Girardeau is located on the corner of Themis and Water streets.

Don Greenwood, Bruce Zimmerman, Joseph Parent, Holly Rains and Haley Lambert, and many other local singer/songwriters have performed. Port Cape Girardeau allows musicians of all ages to showcase their skills among their peers.

For more information on singer/songerwriter nights at Port Cape Girardeau, call 573-334-0954.

Every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Pitter’s Café and Lounge hosts Open Mic and Jam.  Pitter’s is located on Broadway, across the street from AT&T.

This is a free event, not only for musical performance, but also for comedy, poetry, acting, dancing, and any other form of artistic expression.  Performers are asked to arrive early and sign up.

“Recently, I’ve been arriving at Pitters to find bands waiting to get on the list,” says Josh Lynn, Master of Ceremonies. “Just last week, we had eight acts signed up to perform before 9:30. It’s really a unique experience.

Didgeridoo performer, Joseph Zembsch says, “It’s a good ol’ time, and it’s always different.”

“We’ve had as many as four or five full bands perform on our stage, along with a handful of solo comedians and a comedy troupe, Martyr’s Row,” said Lynn. “Our local artists are very dedicated to each other; we’ve had Joey Parent play a show at LoDo, and, after his set, he came down and played a set at open mic for us. Artists in Cape Girardeau should know that we have lights, stage, sound equipment and an audience to offer them. We want to grow our local arts scene through our local artists, so we encourage any poets, actors, musicians and whatever other performers to come take advantage of us.”

For more information on Open Mic & Jam at Pitter’s Café and Lounge, call 573-339-0777 and visit their Facebook page for more events.

Every third Thursday of the month Cup ‘N’ Cork hosts singer/songwriter night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.  It is located on the corner of Main and Themis streets.

Cup ‘N’ Cork brings in some of the same performers as Port Cape Girardeau’s singer/songwriter nights but with a different atmosphere.  Enjoy wine, coffee or tea while listening to or performing acoustic tunes.

For more information on the singer/songwriter night at Cup ‘N’Cork, call 573-651-5282 or visit their Facebook page.