Compliments to Cape Girardeau During Recent Special Olympics Event Visit

Mr. Jim Rash, coach for the Trenton DAWGS (Disabled Athletes with Grundy Support) Special Olympics team, emailed a few words of praise for Cape Girardeau and its citizens during a recent stay in town. Mr. Rash’s team visited Cape Girardeau from Trenton, in north central Missouri. Here’s what Mr. Rash had to say:

I just completed a four day stay in your beautiful city and wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to everyone in the Parks and Recreation Division, Southeast Missouri State, the Drury Inn and everyone else who made our stay a memorable one. The special athletes had a great time to say the least and I wanted to pass along one more very special thank you to the Optometrists at the Value Vision shop on William Street. Late in the athletic competition, one of my special athlete’s glasses broke. He was heartbroken that he might miss the dance that night at the University. I took his glasses to the Optometrist at Value Vision right at closing time and explained what had happened. This fine man worked on the glasses, removing the busted screw, which was no easy task, got a new screw re-threaded into the frames and the glasses were as good as new. We’re talking about a 25 minute job, right at closing time and when I asked how much, he said, “You guys have a good time and good luck to your athletes.” Curtis, the athlete with the broke glasses made the dance and had a ball. We, the Trenton DAWGS (Disabled Athletes with Grundy Support) can not thank this fine man enough for what he did. On behalf of all of us, and especially Curtis, please pass our sincere appreciation to him if at all possible. Thank you!