City Welcomes New Planner

The City welcomed a new Planner this month. Marquitrice Wright came from Manitou Springs, Co. She earned her bachelor’s degree in pre-law from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Ga. while on active duty in the Army as a Supply Specialist and Legal Assistant. She later attained her Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Planning while in Phoenix, Ariz.

She has family in the region, but she was also sold on Cape Girardeau because she said it is a beautiful, thriving place where the people are very nice. “It’s a good time to be involved from a planning perspective,” she said of the City’s recent developments.

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Major Duties of a Planner

  • Performs all functions related to land acquisition for City projects; works with City staff to understand scope of project, and identify type and extent of acquisition; researches title information, hires appraisers, prepares documents, negotiates with property owners, secures approval from City Council, and records documents.  Files documents and maintains records in accordance with City policies.
  • Researches grant opportunities for development and redevelopment projects; makes application for grants upon authorization; administers programs for awarded grants.
  • Conducts outreach activities with neighborhoods; assesses needs, proposes projects, and secures funding.
  • Provides assistance on projects pertaining to City facilities.
  • Assists with preparation and execution of annexation petitions, annexation agreements, development agreements, lease agreements, and other documents related to land use and development.
  • Responds to property owners offering to sell or donate land to the City.
  • Researches land records at the request of City staff.
  • Attends meetings of the City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission, and other groups when necessary.
  • Provides support to the City Planner in administering planning and zoning cases, creating and updating City plans, and responding to inquiries by the City Council, City staff, and the public.