Best Cape Girardeau Haunted Hall of Horror in Years

This year’s Haunted Hall of Horror went above and beyond anyone’s expectations.  The Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation-sponsored, annual haunted house had more than  4,300 people attend this year.  The Haunted Hall of Horror was also equipped with brand new, scary details during the 2012 season.

“We made more changes to the Haunted Hall of Horror this year than we have in several years,” says Heather Davis, Shawnee Park Center Manager. “We added a tunnel feature and packing peanuts room on the main floor, which the kids especially enjoyed. There was more dark maze area this year than previously, which always seems to excite the crowd, never knowing when and where a character may jump out. The under-stage portion of the Haunted Hall of Horror was very different too with a claustrophobia area, which everyone seemed to enjoy as well. JJAB Studios helped us out tremendously with the under-stage area.”

Davis was proud of the great crowd involvement and the acting ability.

“We had a lot of great response from haunted house goers this year. A majority of the people we spoke to said it was the best Haunted Hall of Horror ever,” she says. “Everyone always loves the chainsaws and the clowns. Our actors this year did a great job of scaring the crowd, with a few being scared to tears. Some of the same people that were scared to tears even came back for another round.”

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  1. We with the Haunted Studio by JJAB Studios was happy to have helped this year as well as last year. We are hoping to help in the up coming years also. We are planing on having our own building starting next year.

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