Airport Open House and Fun Day is a Flying Success

In lieu of the 2012 Cape Airshow, the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport created the Airport Open House and Fun Day, which took place on Sept. 22.  This event was devised so that the public could see what the airport actually does.  The emphasis of the event wasn’t on plane and jet tricks; its point was to give knowledge about the airport’s inner workings.

Katrina Amos, Regional Airport Business Supervisor, said, “For several reasons, the Airshow couldn’t come together and is postponed for 2013.”

Thousands made it to the Airport Open House and Fun Day.

“It was estimated that two- to three-thousand people came to the Open House,” said Amos.

The feedback to Amos and other staff members at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport was very positive.

“I got several voicemails from people thanking us and telling us they learned a lot,” Amos said.

The helicopter and plane rides, offered by local vendors working at the airport, were the biggest hit.

“People can’t get rides for the price they can get them at the Open House, so many people were enjoying the opportunity to do that,” Amos explained.

The Cape Girardeau Regional Airport is considering the option of making the Open House and Fun Day an annual event.