2012 Corporate Games: Fun Times Had By All

The 2012 Corporate Games in Cape Girardeau were a success. Winners were Jackson R-2 for Division 1 with a total of 570 points, and Montgomery Bank for Division 2 with 550 points.

For Division 1, the City of Cape Girardeau followed Jackson for second place with 480 points, and Procter & Gamble’s team came in third with 460.  The remaining Division 1 teams and scores are as follows: NARS with 280 points, Rhodes 101 with 250 points, Cape Public Schools with 230 points, Exel with 220 points and Proctor & Gamble’s gold team with 180 points.

Regional Manager of Rhodes 101, Matt Boxdorfer, and his team enjoyed the Corporate Games.  “I think overall everyone had a great time getting to do something outside of work with their coworkers.”

For Division 2, Montgomery Bank was followed by KFVS12, second place winners, with 520 points and third place winners, Chateau Girardeau, with 420 points.  The remaining Division 2 teams and scores are as follows:  Big River Telephone with 400 points, Advanced Orthopedic Specialists with 390 points, Cross Trails Medical Center with 320 points and Macy’s with 120 points.

Commercial Relationship Manager and Corporate Games Coordinator, Cory Daniel, spoke highly of the Corporate Games on behalf of Montgomery Bank.

“The variety of games and events is very diverse, which gives different people the opportunity to participate throughout the workplace,” he said.  “All of the games were fun and enjoyable for all who participated and all who spectated, as well.  The event was fun and worthwhile regardless of where we finished, but the fact that all our pulled muscles, rolled ankles, broken fingers, and other ailments paid off with a first place finish is rewarding.  We would definitely want to participate in next year’s event.”

Becky Poteete, Human Resource Manager at the Chateau Girardeau, was proud of the amazing staff participation and team-building activities, which she feels helps build moral within the company.

“We had such a great time,” she said.  “We’re very excited to be in third place, overall, and, yes, we definitely plan on participating next year.

There were several games and events that each team participated in, which include: a banner contest, tug of war, disc golf, washers, golf scramble, 3-on-3 basketball, 6-on-6 volleyball, softball, tennis, billiards, trail relay, kickball, horseshoes, soccer, bowling, poker, flag football, dodgeball, darts, swimming relays, trivia night and a mystery event.

Teams received points for there scores as well as participation points.  Teams received 10 participation points for participating.  However, if they did not participate in an event that they signed up for, 10 points were deducted from their team.

For final standings, point breakdowns and brackets for each division, visit www.cityofcapegirardeau.org//Parks/Corporate-Games.aspx.


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