Urban Deer Hunting Petition Verified by City, County Clerk in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

The Cape Girardeau City Clerk has certified that the Referendum Petition submitted by the Petitioner’s Committee relating to Urban Deer Hunting is sufficient. The Cape Girardeau County Clerk verified there were 3,911 signatures of legally registered voters on the Referendum Petitions relating to Ordinance No. 4340, adopted July 16, 2012, amending the City code by adopting a new Section 17-104 relating to Urban Deer Hunting. Per City Charter, the ordinance allowing bow hunting is now suspended from taking effect. The City Clerk has notified the Petitioner’s Committee and the City Council.

The Council has 30 days from today to repeal the referred ordinance, or if the Council fails to repeal the ordinance, then the Council must submit the referred ordinance to the voters of the City. Action on this matter will be taken up at the October 1 City Council meeting. If the ordinance is not repealed, the next available election date is April 2, 2013.

The deer count will be conducted after the first significant leaf fall, which we anticipate to be early due to the drought conditions. It is anticipated that the count will be completed before November 10.

The Missouri Dept. of Conservation will host a bow hunter education safety course at the Osage Centre on Sept. 8. As of last week, 42 people were registered.

For more information on the class, contact MDC at 573-290-5218 or visit http://mdc.mo.gov/regions/southeast/cape-girardeau-conservation-nature-center.