American Queen Riverboat Visited Cape Girardeau on Sept. 12

Guest Post by Stacy Dohogne Lane
Director of Public Relations – Cape Girardeau Convention & Visitors Bureau

On Wednesday, September 12th, the American Queen made her second stop in Cape Girardeau this summer with a boat full of 267 people from around the world. This summer has marked the return of the passenger steamboats to Cape Girardeau, with the Queen of the Mississippi making two stops and the American Queen making three stops. It’s been five years since the boats have stopped in Cape, so we are thrilled to see them back again!

The American Queen has a total capacity of 436 passengers. This steamboat was built in 1995 and has recently undergone a $6 million renovation. While on board, passengers are treated to lectures from “riverlorians,” fine dining and entertainment as well as shore excursions in towns the boat stops in, such as Cape Girardeau.

When the American Queen docks in Cape Girardeau, passengers can take advantage of a bus tour of downtown that includes the Red House Interpretive CenterOld St. Vincent’s Church, the Glenn House, the Crisp Museum, the Cape River Heritage Museum and the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau. Passengers are welcomed to shore by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s volunteers at a welcome tent, who provide information from the nearest pharmacy to the perfect spot for a souvenir. The American Queen has one more docking left in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday November 13, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Boats run on “river time,” so that is subject to change!

The Queen of the Mississippi is a brand new vessel with a capacity of 150 passengers. This steamboat visited Cape Girardeau on August 30th and will return on Monday, November 5th from 1 a.m.-noon. We had a surprise visit from this boat on Tuesday September 18th, as the planned cruise north of St. Louis was made impossible due to a lock that was too shallow for the boat to pass through. Passengers enjoyed a beautiful day in Cape Girardeau that included a tour of Old St. Vincent’s Church, the Glenn House, Crisp Museum and Bollinger Mill. The Queen of the Mississippi features the biggest staterooms in the business, most complete with private balconies. When docked in Cape Girardeau, this steamboat offers passengers a choice of two tours, one that takes them out to Trail of Tears State Park and another that includes Old St. Vincent’s Church and Crisp Museum. Passengers have plenty of time in Cape Girardeau to enjoy the tour and wander around Cape Girardeau’s historic downtown.

Seeing people from all over the world enjoy the town I am so proud of is incredible. Seeing them walk back on board the steamboat with brand new memories and shopping bags full of treasures that they bought here in Cape Girardeau is even better!