A Day in Downtown Cape Girardeau (Exerpt from Southeast Arrow)

At 11 a.m., Renaissance, a lifestyle shop on the corner of North Main Street and Broadway, has been open for an hour.

“By 11 o’clock, things are really getting brisk with customers from all over the United States,” says Sherry Yaeger, co-owner of the store with her husband Mike. “We’ve had people in today from Texas, Chicago, Kansas City and all over this region here, too. We get customers from everywhere.”

The Yaegers opened up the shop 11 years ago. Since it’s opening, the store is constantly changing. Yaeger describes the business as a lifestyle store because people can shop for multiple items for their home.

“I have some people who walk into the store and say, ‘Oh this is like a shop that you would see in New York or Paris, or someplace like that,'” Yaeger says. “I try to bring a little bit of the world to Cape Girardeau.”

Yaeger chose the name Renaissance not because of the time period, but because renaissance is about rebirth, renewal and change.

“People and their homes are always needing just a little piece to tweak up what they’ve got,” Yaeger says. “It’s a rebirth, renewal and change kind of thing.”

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