Fantastic Swimnastics: Aquatic Fitness Classes Available

Keep your heart rate up, build strength and endurance while keeping cool this summer! The Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department invites you to take Swimnastics at Central Municipal Pool.

The classes are instructed by Pat Grebe, who has taught aquatic fitness classes for 18 years at the pool. Aquatic classes can be used for arthritic injuries, a quick warm up for the day or as a fun excuse to jump in the pool. The class is meant to improve cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, and increase flexibility by using the water’s resistance.

The classes are available from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. to noon. Activities include water workouts, water weights and wall exercises to help keep your body moving. If you love aerobics then you will love Swimnastics; you get to exercise outside, get some sun and cool down at the same time.

I took the class last week and during the course, we did things like stretching our necks and arms, tummy tightening and core strengthening exercises, leg exercises and some fun water aerobics moves. Grebe was very friendly and seemed quite eager to see new faces ready to take the plunge into Swimnastics with her.

A regular Swimnastics attendee mentioned that a lady in her nineties joins the group regularly. The Swimnastics regulars say the lady is a source of motivation to keep attending and staying fit.

Come check it out-your first class is free! Cape Central Municipal Pool is located at 1920 Whitener Street. For more information please call the Central Pool at 573-335-4040, or visit our website at

$15 resident (12 classes)/$19 non-resident (12 Classes)

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Post by Madison Troin, Communications Specialist
Summer 2012 Public Information Office Intern