Spotlight on Third-Generation Airport Employee and Volunteer, Hannah Seesing

Administrative Coordinator Hannah Seesing has been working for the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport since last October. Seesing loves the people that she works with and likes working at the Airport because she has been around it her whole life.

Aside from being an employee, Seesing has a long family history with the Airport. Her grandfather bought the Airport back when it was still a military base and her father was once the Airport Manager. Her parents also enjoy flying, so even in her down time Seesing finds herself spending time at the Airport. She has also been a repeat volunteer for the Cape Girardeau Air Festival.

Before coming to work for the City, Seesing worked for a short time for the Trail of Tears State Park. While there, she worked on a team whose main focus was repairing and rebuilding the Shepherd’s Point Trail.

“That was a long, hot summer,” said Seesing.

Seesing is currently working to get her associate degree in business. Once she finishes she is planning on attending Southeast Missouri State University for a major in environmental science and a minor in business. Seesing is not sure what she wants to do after college but she knows that she wants to have an education.

In her free time Seesing loves being outside and enjoys going backpacking, camping and floating.

Post by Ethan Worthington, Multimedia Journalist
Spring 2012 Public Information Office Intern