Share the Road Bike Signs Being Removed Near Bike Lanes

Yellow, share the road signs like the one below will be removed from streets that have a dedicated, striped bike lane in use over coming weeks by the City of Cape Girardeau to comply with signage regulations.

The striped bike lanes with bike symbols and sharrows serve as a reminder to share the road. In other areas without striped bike lanes some yellow, share the road signs will remain.

Cyclists and motorists alike are encouraged to obey all traffic laws, and proceed with courtesy and caution.


  1. Maybe the perspective is off, but that looks mighty narrow to be a bike lane, plus, there is a joint running down the middle of it that would make riding unpleasant.

    Is this an example of a street where the sign will NOT be removed.

    As a vehicular cyclist, I’ve always questioned the value of “Share the Road” Signs. Bicycles are vehicles and have the same rights and responsibilities as any other road user (yes, I KNOW there are some two-wheel jerks out there, but they’re outnumbered by four-wheel jerks who also don’t obey the law). You don’t see signs with pictures of cars on them to let 18-wheelers know they should share the road with SUVs.

  2. This is an example of where the share the road sign will be removed; where there is a striped bike lane the signs are coming down. The heavy white line on the right marking the start of the bike lane is coupled with bike images to constitute the lane. This picture, unfortunately, does not show one of the bikes painted on the roadway. More images and information are forthcoming.

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