Bloomfield Phase 4 Ribbon Cutting 3/20 @ 1:30

Join us Tuesday, March 20 at 1:30 p.m. to view the new Bloomfield trail and celebrate the completion of Phase IV of the Bloomfield project.

About the Bloomfield Road Project – Phase IV

• Project approved by voters in 2005 among 8 other major and numerous smaller projects
• Phase IV of a longterm Bloomfield improvement plan that began in July 1999
• From Stonebridge to CR206: widened street, addred trail, curb and gutter
• Once officially finalized, should be under budget
• Saved more trees than expected
• Walking/biking trail should one day connect to City system
• Cooperation from neighbors: road closures lasted June – Dec of 2011

Coming Soon: CR206 to White Oaks Design Phase (TTF4 approved 2010)

ABOUT TTF: The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is a Transportation Sales Tax (0.05%) voted on by the citizens of Cape Girardeau in which all revenue goes into a fund and that fund is used solely for the completion of identified transportation improvement projects. The projects are funded on a “pay-as-you-go” basis so that no money is borrowed to fund the projects. This tax spreads the cost of improvement projects to everyone who uses the streets instead of just the property owners. General projects and overlays are included to keep city streets in good condition.

The TTF was first approved by voters in 1995 for TTF-1. The tax was extended by voters in 2000 for TTF-2; in 2005 for TTF-3; and again in 2010 for TTF-4.

STATUS OF TTF PROJECTS: TTF-1 & TTF-2 are complete. Only minor details remain for Big Bend and Bloomfield leaving Armstrong as the last remaining TTF-3 project. Several TTF-4 projects are in the planning phase with construction for the first of them to begin in April 2012 along Broadway.

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