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[MAP] One Year of Motor Vehicle Accidents: Always exercise caution while behind the wheel, perhaps even more so in areas with a greater frequency of accidents. VIEW MAP

Cape PD Online Now Has Most Wanted, Activity Reports, Videos: Visit us at for Cape Girardeau’s most wanted, summaries of police activity posted twice daily, accidents reports, videos and more information about our department.

City Police Now Offer Bike Registration: Free bicycle registration is now offered by the Cape Girardeau Police Department.  Bicycles that become lost or stolen can be readily identifiable and returned to their owners with this registration.  Bicycles for which ownership cannot be determined and are not claimed are sold in an annual city auction.

New Neighborhood Watch, Start Your Own: Neighbors on Bellevue Street have developed their own neighborhood watch group. A neighborhood watch program is a great way to guard against crime and connect with local police. Learn how to start your own group online.