Cell Phone Restrictions for Commercial Drivers

From MODOT: Earlier this year new regulations took effect that limit the use of cell phones while driving commercial motor vehicles. MoDOT’s Motor Carrier Services has been contacted by many carriers who wanted to better understand how the new rule affects them.

Simply stated, commercial motor vehicle drivers can no longer use hand-held mobile devices while driving.

What You Can Do:

  • You can use hands-free cell phones (including headsets)      and push-to-talk equipment while driving if:
    • the equipment is in your reach while you are being restrained by a safety belt in the driver’s seat
    • you can activate the equipment by touching a single button
  • You can use a hand-held mobile device (cell phone or push-to-talk equipment) if the vehicle is stopped in an area safe for parking a commercial vehicle, or to communicate with law enforcement or      other emergency services to report emergencies.

What You Can’t Do:

  • You can’t use a hand-held mobile device (cell phone or push-to-talk equipment) when your vehicle is in operation on the highway,      when temporarily stopped on the highway for traffic, or when waiting at a      stoplight, stop sign or other traffic control devise.
  • You can’t reach for, dial or hold a hand-held mobile device (cell phone or-push-to talk equipment) in your hand while driving.

Why this is a Good Rule:

Because research indicates drivers distracted by hand-held mobile devices pose a safety risk to themselves and other motorists. It’s about making safety on Missouri highways a number one priority.

For complete details on the regulation, visit Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s website at www.fmcsa.dot.gov/.